Good News!

By registering as a CC6 agent through this page. Agents can take advantage of the following "New Member First Deposit Promotion" to invite more downlines members to join......

New members will receive a bonus of ₱200 for their first deposit of ₱100.

1. The first deposit of the account is exclusive and is limited to one opportunity.

2. New users who participate in the first deposit activity must apply after depositing but before betting; otherwise they will not be able to receive the first deposit bonus.

3. For this activity, you need to go to the "Promo (Event)"; View C02 and scroll down to click "Apply for Offers". The account will be automatically credited after the system approves it.

4. The bonus (Deposit amount + bonus) given in this event only requires 5 times of turnover (i.e. valid bets) and can be withdrawn. And you can only bet on [ Fishing and Slot games ].

5. If you have applied for the C02 event but did not received the bonus, it proves that you are not eligible for this event and no need to consult customer service.

6. This activity is only applicable to personal accounts engaged in normal human operations. Leasing, cheating, robots, account gambling, mutual trading, arbitrage, exploiting loopholes, group control and other technical means are strictly prohibited. Violators may have their rewards revoked or deducted, their accounts frozen, or even blacklisted.

7. To avoid misunderstandings, the platform reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.